Computer repair service

In our service we offer a wide choice of laptop and desktop computer repairs

• Typical hardware repairs:
  - Damaged screen replacement
  - Broken sockets replacement (power, audio, video, USB)
  - Laptop interior cleaning (cooling system and spills damage)
  - Graphics repairs
  - Motherboard fixes and replacement
  - Replacement of keyboards, hard drives, RAM memory and optical drives
  - Components replacement
  - Desktop modernisation
  • Software:
  - Operating system and additional software installation
  - Virus removal
  - Troubleshooting - software problems and slow computer operation
  - Device drivers installation
  - Data backup
  - Data recovery

  • Home and office visits:
  We offer home and office visits and basic repairs on site. When repair is more complex we may also collect faulty device and repair it in our workshop.

  • Network installation and configuration

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