Mobile devices repair service

Here in mobile phones repair service we deal with a whole variety of small devices. We can fix your mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, gamepad and more. Find out about our main offer in the points below.

• Broken screen replacement
Screen replacement is the most common repair in our service. We put an effort to keep high standard of this repair using high quality screens and proper tools. Every mobile undergoes detailed testing before being returned to customer.

• Hardware repairs
Hardware repairs mean dealing with internal electronic components problems - typically caused by water and physical damage or a factory fault. A few examples of common faults we encounter: broken logic board, faulty or dead battery, faulty charging socket, broken audio jack, power or volume buttons not working, broken speakers, etc.

• Software reinstallations and updates
This kind of service is needed when problem happens with system functionality. It could be a simple problem with some apps installation or more complicated when mobile is freezing and refuses to work at all. It’s important to mention that software errors are usually caused by one of the below two reasons: The less severe scenario is when the logic error occurs - the system reinstallation will make your device working like new. Another scenario is faulty hardware such as memory error, overheating chipset or else. In such situation proper diagnostics as the first step is the key to a successful repair. At our service we rely on years of practical experience and are familiar with devices that are currently in use.

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