Welcome to Flying Computers

    Dear Customers, unfortunately due to challenges associated with covid pandemic and continuous street works, I've decided to convert the Flying Computers business to call-out services for your convenience. The Leith Walk shop will be closed and the new call-out services will recommence from the week beginning 18/04/2022.
   Rest assured that Flying Computers will continue to offer high quality and good value services. If you need help with your PC/laptop/mobile phone please give us a call and we'll be happy to assist you. We can either come to you to help you on the spot or collect your faulty device for a repair and drop-off afterwards.

About us

    Flying Computers offers a wide range of on-site computer services. We mainly deal with solving computer and local network problems as well as repairing desktops, laptops and mobile devices. We have described the scope of repairs in detail in the    „PC Repairs”  and   „Mobile Devices”  sections of our website. We provide professional knowledge and use specialized tools to carry out even the most complex repairs. When ordering an appointment, you will have the opportunity to talk directly to our technician and learn about possible repair scenarios. Flying Computers also specializes in the design of high-quality custom PCs. In order to precisely match the computer to the client's expectations, we have prepared a special wizard that allows you to estimate the price for a specific computer hardware configuration. We obtain a guarantee of quality through the selective selection of components - we will always use only the best and proven brands. To check out the details please go to    „Build Your PC”  .

Solutions for business

    Our offer for businesses includes computer maintenance, network set-up, software installations, software and hardware configuration, cloud and on-premises data backup. We are ready to provide full technical support for companies that rely on computers in case of a system breakdown. Also we can provide mobile phone repair service for businesses where high price discount is guaranteed for multiple devices. Please use our   „Call-out service”  to provide more details or to simply schedule a repair.

We warmly encourage You to take a look at our offer! Full satisfaction guaranteed.

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